Hip Hop Show

March 2006

Welcome back to another fix of Hip Hop here at Crossfire HQ. It’s been a couple of months since the last show but shit you not, we have a fantastic line up of underground explosions just waiting to get into your ears.

This month we have introduced Abjekt from The Mix where you will find all of our Hip Hop record reviews of new releases on this site. This show is dedicated to All City Records who are on fire right now. Get stuck in and if you want to drop us a line to request independent tracks for the next show, click here and leave a message in our forums.

Don’t be shy now.

March Playlist:

1.Ugly Duckling – Let It Out – All City
2. Edan – Mic Manipulator – Lewis
3. The Chicharones – Surf Rock – Camobear
4. Soul Position – Night To Remember – Rhymesayers Entertainment
5. Prince Po f. MF Doom – Social Distortion – Lex Records
6. Atmosphere – One Of A Kind – Rhymesayers Entertainment
7. Glue – Goodbye – Ramona Records
8. Mars Ill – Reach – Self-Released
9. The Notorious BIG – Things Done Changed – Bad Boy
10. Redman – Rated R – Def Jam
11. Method Man [Prodigy Mix] – Release Yo Delf – Def Jam
12. Sway – Up Your Speed – All City
13. Doomtree – No Homeowners – Doomtree Records
14. Pharcyde – Passing Me By – Delicious Vinyl
15. The Menagerie – Lazy Bones – Esperanto