Heavy Shit

Heavy Shit Show September 07

It’s been ages, but THE worst Heavy Metal Radio Show in the World is back on the air to pollute your lugholes. On this show, DJ’s Zac Slack and James Sherry forget what they are playing and generally fluff the entire thing from start to finish but also manage to get some slamming choons in so you don’t switch off too early. In fact, you can see them below if you are bothered.

If you want your best friend naked on the next show, email him/her to us and we will expose them.Don’t tell anyone about this show, not even your Nan….


1. High On Fire – Rumours Of War (Relapse)
2. Orange Goblin – Vagrant Stomp (Mayan)
3. Taint – Barnstorm Zombie Revival (Rise Above)
4. Prong – 3rd Option (13th Planet)
5. Coliseum – The Fate Of Men (Relapse)
6. Akercocke – Summon The Antichrist (Earache)
7. As I Lay Dying – Nothing Left (Metal Blade)
8. Every Time I Die – Rendez-Voodoo (Ferret)
9. Blackhole – Witches (demo)
10. The Outcry Collective – Lennons At Night (Signature Tune)
11. Hawkwind – Psychedelic Warlords (Castle)
12. Ministry – Let’s Go (13th Planet)
13. The Plight – Clarendon (Visible Noise)
14. Coalesce – Immigrant Song (Hydra Head)
15. Blood Tsunami – Evil Unleashed (Candle Light)