Heavy Shit

March 2006

You just can’t get enough Heavy Shit can you?! Well this session is the heaviest yet, but i guess we would say that, as we have delivered it. But really, don’t tell anyone about this show because it’s meant to be just for me and you.

Resident DJ’s Zac Slack and James Sherry bring you another slice of carnage, the same 2 DJ’s you will be seeing at the Download Festival this year so stop reading this and get in there!

If you have any requests for the next show or you want to say hello to any friends or in fact just leave a message about the show in general, then click here.

March Playlist

1. Probot – Centuries Of Sin (Southern Lord)
2. Pig Destroyer – Grave Dancer (Relapse)
3. Converge – The Void (Equal Vision)
4. Suicide Watch – In The Mouth Of Madness (Mausoleum)
5. Altamont – Frank Bank (AntAcidAudio)
6. Pentagram – Petrified (Peaceville)
7. Necrosadistic Goat Torture – Sadistic (Self Released)
8. Love That Kills – Loveless (In At The Deep End)
9. Suicide Silence – Ending Is The Beginning (In At The Deep End)
10. Through The Eyes Of The Dead – Bringer Of Truth (Prosthetic)
11. Isis – Backlit (Ipecac)
12. Iron Maiden – S/T (EMI)
13. Nile – Lashed To The Slave Stick (Relapse)
14. Napalm Death – Silence Is Deafening (Century Media)