Hangover Sessions

Hangover Session Feb 07

Yes, the world’s most chilled show is back on the air and ready to get you through those Sunday mornins with ease. DJ Zac Slack brings you a selection of old and new so you can lay back and forget about everything in sight whilst HQ burns around him!

Turn off your phone, shut the curtains, roll a fat one and click that flag for an instant stream of goodness directly to your soul. Podcast this baby by going to the feeds section on this site and hook up your pocket.

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1. Bonnie Prince Billie – Cursed Sleep – (Domino)
2. Tunng – Red and Green – (Full Time Hobby)
3. James Yorkston – Steady As She Goes – (Domino)
4. Plus Minus – Profession – (Absolutely Kosher)
5. Steve Turner – Pushing Up Daisies – (Beautiful Happiness)
6. The Dexateens – Downtown – (Skybucket)
7. 22-20’s – Friends – (EMI)
8. Brightblack Morning Light – Friend of Time – (Matador)
9. Ween – Captain – (Sanctuary)
10. Bedouin Soundclash – Music My Rock – (Side One Dummy)
11. The Aggrolites – Thunder Fist – (Hellcat)
12. The Shins – Weird Divide – (Sub Pop)
13. Father of Boon – We Make Progress – (Self Released)
14. Eric Matthews – Fried Out Broken Girl – (Sub Pop)
15. The Evens – You Fell Down – (Dischord)
16. Jefferson Airplane – The Ballad of You Me and Pooneil – (BMG)