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Why? Drummer goes solo

Josiah Wolf, older brother of Why? frontman Yoni and drummer in the band, has announced plans to release a solo album on March 2nd.

The album, entitled Jet Lag, will feature Josiah playing every instrument and was composed during the break of an 11 year relationship. It will be released through Anticon.

Not only is the record mixed by Yoni, but Josiah will support Why? during their US tour this spring. Read the full tracklisting for Jet Lag below;

1. The Trailer and the Truck
2. Master Cleanse (California)
3. The Opposite of Breathing
4. The New Car
5. Skull in the Ice
6. The Apart Meant
7. That Kind of Man
8. Ohioho
9. Is the Body Hung
10. In the Seam
11. Gravity Defied
12. The One Sign