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The Lawrence Arms Interview

The Lawrence Arms are heading over to UK soil shortly for the first time in a long time.Their unique brand of pop-punk will be tearing up the following venues with many a singalong guaranteed.

We grabbed a few words with vocalist and enigma Brendan Kelly about touring, the creative process and even the state of the music industry in anticipation of their visit.

What are you most looking forward to about your forthcoming UK trip?

Just getting over there’s gonna be great. It’s been too long. We love you guys. That American revolution stuff is water under the bridge as far as the three of us are concerned.

Would you ever replicate the tour that had The Falcon and Sundowner as support acts over here in the UK?

Sure. There are no plans as of now, but that was a really fun tour.

Any tales to tell from previous UK tours?

Not really. We have fun where ever we go, so it’s not easy to just recall things based on region. The first time we ever sold out a show anywhere was in London at the Verge. That’s real cool.

Who would be your ideal tour buddies? And why?

Touring with the Alkaline Trio is always fun. They’re some of our best friends and they’re hugely popular, which makes for easy shows for us.

Name 5 essential items you always take on tour with you:

Uh…jeez. Underpants, books, socks. That’s really it. I’ve toured without phones, without pillows without i-pods. Underpants, books and socks though, are necessities.

Which albums can you listen to on repeat for days on end without getting bored of them?

None. Potempkin City Limits is pretty close. So’s Lemon Jelly’s Lost Horizons. Out Come The Wolves is also close if I reduce it to just the nine best songs.

What new music are you currently enjoying?

The new album by the Menzingers called Chamberlain Waits. It’s fucking amazing.

Can we expect any new material from the band in 2010? What form do you think it will take if so? Full-length, EP or single?

We’ve got no plans right now. I know we’re all busy and we’re all compulsive when it comes to making stuff, so whether it’s a new Lawrence Arms record or just a bunch of other crap, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from all of us this year.

How does it feel being in the band 10 years on from its inception? Do ideas and songs flow easier or is it more effort to come up with original stuff these days?

It’s harder, but we’re better at it, so there’s a trade off. A big thing is that now we’re all grown ups and we don’t have the luxury of sitting around drinking beer and strumming guitars all day. We’ve got shit we have to do, which understandably impedes the creative process. That’s the biggest difference, I think.

In your opinion, what have been the most significant changes in the way music works since your band begun? How do you think these effect consumer and artist?

Everything has changed. It’s not really a viable career anymore unless you’re extremely lucky. Labels are shutting down. The internet has become the main driving force behind distro, advertising, everything. I mean, the whole thing is different. That’s like asking what the biggest difference in the earth is since it was just a ball of molten gas.

Make sure you check out them out on their upcoming tour:

23/03 – Unit, Southampton
24/03 – Croft, Bristol
25/03 – Cavern, Exeter
26/03 – Islington Academy, London
27/03 – Academy 3, Birmingham
28/03 – Crown Festival, Middlesborough
29/03 – Boiler Room, Guildford
30/03 – Cathouse, Glasgow
31/03 – Cockpit, Leeds
01/04 – Barfly, Cardiff
02/04 – Speakeasy, Belfast
03/04 – Whelans, Dublin

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