Saw VI


The sixth installment from one of the world’s successful horror franchises SAW follows another Jigsaw Killer game set into motion by his apprentice Detective Hoffman with a few surprising nibbles at the end.

Following on from the previous installments, this one revolves around the influence John Kramer (the “Jigsaw Killer”) has had on Detective Hoffman, showing John’s character and personal history via flashbacks and interpreting how this had an effect on the current situation. Here, with the FBI searching for Jigsaw’s successor, Hoffman sets a new game, one centering on an insurance executive who rejects individuals with serious illnesses, thus killing them. In his game/test, he must save as many people as he can, learning the errors of his way. Unbeknown to Hoffman, there is another player and another game, one that he will be tested by with Jigsaw’s grand scheme finally revealed.

Like Nightmare On Elm Street where we learnt a little more about Kruger and his back history the further the franchise went, the same happens with SAW. As the franchise progresses you discover why John Kramer sets these “games” in motion, while specific individuals have been chosen and what John has done to try and set the wrongs other have done right.

The traps that individuals have been placed into in this film appear more personal to those involved than previous films. Where earlier traps have had two or more people fighting for their lives, battling against each other for survival (as this one does in the opening), the remaining traps are based around one man being put to the test on something that Jigsaw believed he had to feel guilty about. The resulting actions taken by those involved are as gruesome as you have come to expect from SAW, the cutting of limbs and flesh, with something even more murderously delightful for those looking for something more horrific.

Without a doubt SAW VI is faithful to the franchise and carries on a long running story, which can have its confusing moments. There is very little that makes it stand out from the previous films however there is some suspense and anticipation over what is going to happen and there is of course a twist in the end that will have you questioning the following installment; other than this it is your basic SAW narrative. A seventh installment of the franchise has been confirmed and looks set to be a 3D sequel…something to look forward to or dread? This is undoubtedly the film that will either secure the franchise for further sequels or be the last.

Saw VI is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 8th March 2010 from Lionsgate.

Michelle Moore