Let’s be honest. There’re too many bands in this world that sound exactly like some other band – and that band probably wasn’t so hot to start with. In the last few years we’ve witnessed the rise of identikit emo and sexless metal – an endless, soul-crushing repetition choking the once mighty fire of rock ‘n roll. Goddamnit, doesn’t anyone want something new?

Keiko are a band that do, and anyone who’s seen or heard them would certainly agree that they provide it in spades. This is a band for whom comparisons are not easily made – or if they are, they’re usually rendered obsolete by the next chorus. Keiko are frenetic, aggressive and unpredictable, but Keiko are also accessible, melodic and – whisper it – catchy.

They’d hesitate to call themselves ‘punk’ because of the connotations of Neanderthal stubbornness it now entails. Keiko’s music explores odd time signatures, jazz harmonics and some migraine-inducing structures. On the other hand, they’re not mad on the word ‘prog’ because it makes them sound pretentious and bloated. Keiko’s music is lean, vital and brimming over with energy.