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Reign In Blood

“The Devil came here yesterday… in this very spot it smells like sulphur.”

Ha! Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez didn’t beat around the bush when he gave his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week. Give the guy an Oscar! If I wasn’t mistaken, I even heard the audience of diplomats and officials laugh and applaud at such a statement.

George W. Bush wasn’t laughing. Instead he was getting ready to detain the Venezuelan Foreign Minister at a New York Airport and apply the thumb screws.

You see, Chavez might look at Bush as the Devil, but he isn’t alone in his claims. According to the age old technique of Gematria which accords numbers to ancient Hebrew letters, George Walker Bush adds up to an amazing 6-6-6! You can try that with any other dangerous dictators like Stalin, Mao or even Hitler, and it still wouldn’t add up so precisely. Can you smell the sulphur too? Can you??

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Just when you might have thought Bush was your average Joe who appreciated a bit of good ol’ heavy metal seeing how he threw those Horns up on various occasions- you’re wrong. He’s simply saluting us all with the signal of hellfire and brimstone. His official excuse for the Satanist Sign is that it was a greeting fellow Texas Longhorn sports fans shared. Uh-huh.

Saddam Hussein’s entire defence group walked out on him the other day. Maybe they’re in need over at the White House because the evidence is starting to pile up, isn’t it? A US president has 4 years to get re-elected, and Bush has managed to summon the Underworld powers just enough to scrape a second term in power. Can the Angels reign from above in 2009 and fight the forces of evil that control the Western World???

I’m not a religious man, but isn’t it fun to twist and torque fables and facts to produce 200 words of pure fantasy and prophesy! I mean, isn’t that what Bush does on a daily basis..?

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Maxwell Woodger