Independent Trucks 129s

I just split my Indy baseplate.

Argh!!! I mean, Independent Trucks are the benchmark for all skateboard trucks to try and achieve. They are THE strongest trucks ever built. They have THE best turning circle. And, they possess THE best grind.

So what went wrong? Well, apparently a bad batch got moulded and this resulted in bent axles and broken hangers. But, hey! Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch, right?

Honestly, skate material cannot be indestructible (no matter how much companies would like you to think otherwise!), otherwise where would they make their money and innovate into new areas? But Independent Trucks have stood the test of time over and over again when it comes to stability and no nonsense quality.

The trademark truck has seen support from 4 generations of skateboarders, and I doubt the metal forgery will stop there. News of an Eric Koston Low-Riding model is doing the rounds!

So, despite a split baseplate, I can still skate these 129s and I even have a second set ready to roll in case I don’t manage to successfully a hot molten lava ledge this afternoon.


Ralph Lloyd-Davis