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A Rumour in Africa
(Rock Action)

Having given birth to the likes of Arab Strap, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Twilight Sad, it’s fair to say Scotland’s musical heritage (albeit great) is centred around some pretty miserable sounding bands. In fact, if your only knowledge of Scotland was its music, you’d be forgiven for thinking the country was a pretty glum and depressing place to live. This is where Errors step in to correct those misconceptions.

Their 2008 debut brightened up even the UK’s grubbiest dance floors, and now the band are back with the ingeniously titled Come Down With Me. It’s not every day a record’s name is inspired by a daytime cookery program, yet Errors aren’t your everyday band. Their unique and arresting sound (slightly frustratingly dubbed Post-Electro) combines blissful electronics with angular guitars, to devastating effect.

Take recent single, A Rumour in Africa, which neatly summarises the band’s charm. In less capable hands this could be a recipe for a post-Klaxons rave disaster, but Errors are subtle yet assured in their craft. Unlike so many other tracks clogging up indie discos, the band move from hook to hook ensuring that their music stays fresh and re-playable.

Check the video below for proof, which features some slightly bizarre male/puppet bonding.