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July 24th, 2006 by Crossfire

Trick of the Week: Steve Forstner clears a monster gap with one of the most amazing ollies ever seen for Antiz Skateboards.

Link of the Day: Almost Ready…

The amount of boxes in the office right now means that something very big is happening as you read this. We’re almost ready now… and we are very, very excited.

Half of 2010 is behind us and if the less-than-optimistic talk of budgets and oil spills is getting you down then take a trip back ten years when the world was ours and it came in the shape of video cassettes. Thank you éS for a reminder of the good times.

The birds broke out the cage at Bay 66 last night. The Nike SB team took full flight! Webmonkeys are currently working on gathering photos and video from the event and a feature will be online soon…

Mark Mothersbaugh recently took some time out of his manic schedule spent writing unforgettable music and being in the world’s most awesome band to get caught up in some Crossfire shenanigans. Have a look at today’s featured link for a taste of what’s to come when Crossfire 3.0 makes its big bang arrival in cyberspace.

A pigeon stormed the Crossfire Hideout during the early hours of Sunday morning this weekend and demanded we make this week all about the Birds. Well, lucky for us the bird is certainly the word this week, as Nike SB hit up Bay66 on Wednesday and Zoo York’s Goodfeathers deck gets reviewed in this week’s selection of product reviews. Fly high this week folks…

All eyes were on the DVS CPH Pro in Copenhagen last weekend as skaters from all over the world made the annual pilgrimage to the land of lego, furniture and vikings. Denmark’s football squad obviously left the World Cup early so they could get a piece of the action themselves! Click here for the results…

How was your Go Skateboarding Day? Cardiff had a blast, London went a day early, Leicester got some, Scotland had a great turnout in Aberdeen and generally the World got some.

Creature UK rider Carl WIlson joins us for a long overdue interview and discusses the golden Essex days filming his section for the In Between Days video that you can see exclusively right here.

Crossfire World Cup ref’s cards have just landed in the hands of thousands…more here.


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