Dom Joly Ringtones

We may get in the shit for doing this, but, you know what, sometimes if you want the biscuit, you’ve got to risk it…

So, last week, Dom Joly was in a studio editing footage for a new show called Happy Now? It’s a hidden-camera sketch show he’s made exclusively for your mobile.

Happy Now? stars Dom’s legendary Big Mobile Phone Man character from Trigger Happy TV, who has swapped his big mobile phone for an enormous bluetooth earpiece! Check out the photo, which Dom’s PR people were happy to give us when we told them that we wanted to write about Happy Now?

What we didn’t tell them was that a friend-of-Crossfire’s was in the studio when Dom recorded some x-rated ringtones for his mates…and that he nicked them.

These ringtones are funny-as-fuck, they were never supposed to be heard by the public and we encourage you to download them now before we get busted.