Thin Privilege

Thin_PrivilegeThin Privilege
‘Hex Charmer’

Thin Privilege are a four piece noise-rock band from Glasgow. Born out of the close-knit, underground scene up in Scotland, this band unites members from Hunt/Gather, Salò and Billy Ray Osiris. The result? A relentless single.

Sharing a simple ethos of bass, drums, vocals and more bass. To say that this four piece make an absolute fucking racket is an understatement. ‘Hex Charmer’ steams in at just over two minutes of grinding, sub-frequency fuzz. Driven by the throttling hold of two blasting bass guitars, this is post-punk turned up to 11.

‘Hex Charmer’ is just a glimpse of what’s in store from Thin Privilege’s upcoming self-titled debut album. Hit play below for a good ear blasting and head to their bandcamp to for a name-your-price download of this stonking track.

Thin Priviledge is due for release May 7th via Struggletown Records.

Dave Palmer