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The Mix – 24/01/06

We are back, the beginning of a new year!

I hope you managed to sort out all your New Year resolutions and I thought this time in The Mix we should take a look at brand new tunes for 2006. It is a mission of mine to enlighten a few of you out there. I do try.

I did think about doing an “all time favourites” edition of The Mix, so if people missed any (what I think are) classics, they could get in tune. But I realised that there were some high-quality new tunes being released that I just had to get ’em out there.

Don’t forget to drop me an email at if you want your tune reviewing, if you do want my all time favourites, if you want to put a picture of your graf on the site, or even if you want to give me some shit. All feedback is welcomed.


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Right then let’s get on with it, take a look at this years’ new bangers:

Ghost feat. Verb T & Asaviour – The Payoff

Ok, this is new-ish but I just had to review this track solely because I loved the track Flip it with DPF on the Ghost stories EP. And guess what! You’ve even got a tangy remix of this quality tune on The Payoff. But I’m not here to go on & on about that tune, I’m here to check out the title track.

Taken from the album Seldom Seen Often Heard (out in March 2006) Asaviour and Verb T put down their unique flows over the top of some pleasing and agreeable sounds. The Payoff takes a nice and easy approach to providing us with some real funky stuff. This is one of those feel good tunes that makes you feel light on your feet and like you’ve got a spring in your step. It’s a shame it’s not summer, I can imagine sticking it on a little system at the park, sat chillin with my buddies, drinking some brew.

It’s all about getting the payoff from working hard to get things sorted. In this case, making decent money in the hip hop game. This could fit to anyone that tries hard to get the money in, or wants to sort things with their life. This is the third 12″ to come from Ghost and each one gets better and better. I am a firm believer that the LP soon to be released will do more than just break bread. Make sure you check his LP debut as soon as it’s released. This track is definitely a good all-rounder. Proper musicforheads.

Verb T & Harry Love – Delusion

This single is coming to our local specialist shops on, or around, the 6th of February. I’m sure you will all be over the moon to hear that it is another assassin of a track. With Verb T & Harry Love bringing together a destructive munitions store of serious rhythm and rhymes, how could you possibly go wrong? This is a relatively dark tune with an unstable state of mind and a vision depicting loss of ability to see reality. Good for listening in your car to get your swerve on or playing out at clubs and bars. I stuck this track in my set just after New Year and it went down a storm. Yep, I’m in to this one. What a good way to bring us into the new year of 2006 from Harry Love & Verb-T.

This is the first single to be taken from the highly anticipated album Bring it Back (To Basic) and it is aimed up to be the superlative single yet. Delusion has been released on the Silent Soundz record label. If you want to know more, take a look at

The second track Make it Hott (please) is a decent track too but it rings a bell so much that I just sit thinking where I know that track from. It must be Kruder and Dorfmeister or definitely something from that German K7 label. Boozoo Bajou maybe? I just can’t put my finger on it. I hope someone out there can tell me once it has been released. Keep it in mind peeps.

I’m sure this will be available from as soon as it is released. Keep your undelusional eye open for this one. It’s hot!

MC Elemental – Lazarus Emporium

Ok here he is again…. I’m not so sure this track is even going to be released. The picture is taken from Koaste’s (Menagerie, of sorts) gallery. There is a better picture to be had but I can’t get it off the site so you will have to have a look see yourselves. This track is for those of you that love the story telling tunes, and what a story! Starting off with a very quiet “Hello Dave” this tune made me smile instantly. The imagination that has gone into the writing of this tune impresses me more every time I hear it. It takes me back to being a youngster; there are some light hearted fantasy fairy-tale bits and pieces in there with a trace of magic.

A shop that sells a paper with the last words you will speak and 1000 action figures that are all secretly alive can’t fail to make an impression on anyone that enters. Go on! Have a browse inside Papa Lazarus rarest of shops.

You can take a free sample of it at I guarantee, if you like the story telling side of lyricism, you’ll like this.

That’s my part done for the moment, just time left for you to have a look at the links I’ve put in this weeks reviews, and to have a look at the nice bit of artwork I’ve put in. Until next time…

This weeks’ sites and sounds: (Top tunes from top people) (This is Deckwrecka, Skitz and 23 Skidoo’s home) (Label down in Brighton, lots happening here)

A bit of Graf I saw on my travels:

Send me some tracks, sites or graf if you want me to have look at them and give them a mention.
Only 50 weeks left until the next New Year party! In the meantime, have a good one.

Kris Drew. Done and dusted.

The Jektmosphere

Well, welcome to 2006 everyone, I hope you all had a wicked Christmas and New Year and we have plenty to look forward to this year as far as hip hop goes. As usual, I’ll be looking over at the American underground and letting you know what’s hot in and around the small hidden pockets of hip hop.

Before I begin, I have to just back up Kris on that Verb T and Harry Love release. Harry’s beats are exquisite on that CD and compliment Verb’s distinctive vocals showing why they have been such a formidable team for the past few years and why their upcoming release will be a must have for everyone out there. Double thumbs up from both Mixers.

First up for me this time round then, is a very talented MC coming out of Texas named Cerebral Vortex. He’s got a few things in the pipeline at the moment, including a project with Kool Akiem, former DJ and producer of the brilliant Micranots, which sounds very exciting, and I can’t wait for that to drop. On top of this his crew, FTC, have a release coming out very soon with a DVD featuring all 12 members, something everyone should have a look at!

I’m linking you to CV’s myspace page so you can sample his work, and I’m sure you’ll feel it. Lead off track My Tosis is the sort of track you’d expect if you were standing in a corn field and a spaceship came out of the sky and ripped the decks in front of you. The bouncing bass lines will have the head nodding and the chorus, a catchy sung vibe, will have you furiously clicking for the reload button as soon as its over.

The other two tracks, Fuck The Space Cops and The Getup, are both bangers, following on from the first track. Fuck The Space Cops has another great bassline, but rolls in a little more mellow that the previous number, but with content such as “titty bars on Mars”, you can’t help but smile as you chill out. The Getup rounds off the trio with a fantastic light snare and a winding melody bumping behind CV’s mesmeric flow.

The photograph was taken by Christian Gamboa, a very talented photographer working out of Texas, who should definitely be checked out. Her myspace is at and if you have any words of praise or want to talk to her about taking photos for you, then she can be contacted at:

Next we have a Minnesotan MC who goes by the name of Ernie Rhodes and who is another shining example of why Minnesota really is the place to be for quality American hip hop. The Midwest are taking it over right now, and Ernie’s opening track, Renaissance Man, has the smoothest beat which is backed up by some nice strings which play out as Ernie’s flow bounces over each line before he switches it up to show his word play and alliteration.

Girl Trouble, a song about regret and being left empty after having given everything to a lady he thought special, is something we can all relate to and the softly spoken delivery over lengthened cymbal hits and the occasional floating sample really set this one out well. Never Really Gone begins with a nice healthy dose of chirpy samples and a folk-like lick which is augmented with a bass line that strolls around Ernie’s good natured delivery and thought provoking lyrics. A track where the beat compliments the MC and vice versa, and my favourite of the three.

His album was out not that long ago, and if these tracks are anything to go by, The Orbital Effect is certain to be well worth checking out.

The last recommendation you’re getting from me is another Rhymesayers release. For those of you who know me, or who have read my top 5 of 2005, you’ll know I’m a whore for Rhymesayers Entertainment, but if they keep putting out stuff as good as what I’m about to talk about, then I’m totally justified. The album in question is Audition by P.O.S. His debut, Ipecac Neat was an absolutely immense record, with incredible production, not scared to use cellos and other various strings with P.O.S spilling his guts out into his lyrical content, sometimes living up to his pseudonym of Pissed Off Stef, whilst at other times showing his emotionally touching side.

This carries on in Audition, where he shows off more of his punk side, bringing in Greg Attonito of the Bouncing Souls for a guest spot. The production is more varied and this lends itself well to showing what a versatile MC P.O.S is, going from the brass led party stomping Stand Up [Let’s Get Murdered] to the acoustic The Kill In Me which features the female vocals of Maggie from the group Digitata to the stripped down introspective P.O.S Is Ruining My Life.

Overall it is an extremely strong start to 2006 for the Twin Cities label and they can expect P.O.S’ stature to grow stronger and stronger with this album. For more information and for previews of a couple of tracks, head on over to :

Finally then I just want to stick up a little bit of graf that someone left on the now-defunct Safeways near where I live. They put this up and it was painted over, only for the artist to make a better job of it. It’s since been painted over again and once more has been re-sprayed to provide the only bit of colour in Streatham. It keeps being painted over but at least it was something to look at on the way to the station for the few days it was there, even if it isn’t the Monet of the graf world:

So that’s it from me for this time round, I hope you have enjoyed the music you’ve heard from my recommendations, and I shall return in the not too distant future with more diamonds I’ve uncovered for your listening pleasure. If you want to get in touch with me about anything I’ve written, if you want to send me anything or if you want to ask me out on a date for hot steamy love, then hit me up at:

Until then, peace to you all.