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Schoolboy Q

Habits & Contradictions
(Top Dawg Entertainment)

Schoolboyq_HabitsnContradicWith all the hype surrounding rappers from Danny Brown to A$AP Rocky to Mr Muthafuckin’ eXquire, it seems one has been criminally bumped to one side. Schoolboy Q is an LA rapper and part of the Black Hippy group with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock, having already released one album last year to some small acclaim.

But it’s with his new album that heads have been turning. A number of people were made aware of him with his stellar guest spot on A$AP Rocky’s mixtape on the track Brand New Guy but on his own album, he really comes into his own over a fantastic variety of beats, allowing him to show fun sides of his personality as well as the straight up gangster flex.

Whether rapping over Lissie samples [Hands on the Wheel], Portishead samples [Raymond 1969], alongside female R&B singers [a brilliant cameo from Jhene Aiko on Sex Drive] or the undeniable thumping Druggys Wit Hoes Again with his crew made Ab-Soul, Q showcases his ability to perform over laid back beats, bangers and everything inbetween. Whilst he might not be the greatest rapper in the world, he is definitely one to give time too.

It’s an album that might not instantly soar up any “must listen” lists, but given time, it’ll embed itself in your mind and demand attention time and again without you even realising it. Schoolboy Q, get to know about him, this dude has talent.