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Roadrunner Roadrage 2007 DVD

The problem with compilations – be it on CD or DVD – is that if not done correctly they can present themselves as a rather shocking waste of time and money.

As luck would have it, the latest installment of the annual Roadrunner Roadrage DVD series is in fact not one of these, presenting genuine value for money and enough hard rocking action to give you whiplash. There may be a severe lack of extras here – you’re literally getting nothing but the videos listed on the back of the case – but it still amounts to one hell of a heavy metal marathon.

Featuring videos from the likes of metal gods Machine Head, thrash upstarts Trivium, hard rocking veterans Megadeth, pop-punk upstarts Madina Lake, sword-toting battle lords 3 Inches Of Blood and more, Roadrage 2007 looks set to provide metalheads across the UK with yet another excuse never to leave their bedroom. For a bit.

The DVD is available exclusively via for the bargain price of £5.99, so take your finger out of your ass and get clicking. Wash your hands first, mind.

Ryan Bird