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PSI Records

2003 was a dark year for British metal. After year upon year of mind boggling creativity, relentless rebellion, and plain old rocking ” noise-mongers Pitchshifter decided to bow out, and bring down the curtain on a long and illustrious career. Thankfully, this has proven to be short-lived, and 2004 sees the Nottingham lads bounce back with a UK tour, and a rather splendid DVD offering in “P.S.I.Entology”. As has always been the case with Pitchshifter, when they do something, they don’t do it half assed ” a fact displayed all too clearly with this delightful offering. Whether you’re looking for a blistering live performance, a behind the scenes documentary styled take on the band and their goings on, sneak peaks at the studio and recording process, or just a run through the bands” promotional and music video history ” it’s all here in copious and wonderfully satisfying amounts. As well as a detailed look back over more than a decade of domination, viewers are also treated to an introduction of the respective members” modern day lives and projects, from clips of mouthpiece J.S. Clayden’s Los Angeles based venture

Doheny, to brother Mark’s Blighty based outfit The Blueprint. Combine all these features and more ” including optional band commentary and secret bonus footage that keep you on your toes and the mystery trail alike – and you have one of the most satisfactory feature presentations to date.

Do yourself a favour ” pick up “P.S.I.Entology” and introduce yourself to possibly the most influential British rock group of the past decade. You may just thank me for it.

Ryan Bird