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Gorillaz – Demon Days Live

When Damon Albarn’s animated group blew everyone away with their last album Demon Days, it didn’t seem possible that people would have the chance to hear the record live. However, Gorillaz managed to get almost every performer on the album to come together for five nights in Manchester, and put on a show that was recorded in its entirety for this DVD.

Instead of seeing the cartoon band playing live, as had been done in short blasts for MTV awards and the like, the stage was full of musicians, from guitars and drums, to a line of vocalists and a full orchestra of strings. The musicians were all cast in shadow, but regardless the silhouette of Damon Albarn as the intro started garnered huge applause.

There were many highlights in the set, but in particular the appearance of a kid’s choir for the single Dirty Harry and the emergence of a beaming Booty Brown to join them, Ike Turner coming out looking more dapper than ever before and belting out a jazzy piano solo and finally the encore which signalled the emergence of the humble Albarn into the light, alongside a beautiful Chinese zither backing before he introduced each section of the stage.

With brilliant music, a constantly changing vocal line up on stage and amazing graphics playing on a giant screen at the back of the stage, this wasn’t just a concert. It was a visual and sonic extravaganza, and this DVD captures it in all its glory. It can’t touch the real thing, obviously, but it’s as close to it as you can possible get. After watching this, you’ll definitely be part of Feel Good Inc!