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Flogging Molly – Live DVD

‘Whiskey On A Sunday’
Side One Dummy

If you’ve ever seen Flogging Molly live, then you’ll most likely agree with singer/guitarist Dave King’s assertion that “on our day, there aren’t too many bands that can touch us“. With their raucous but heartfelt blend of traditional Irish folk music and punk rock, this Los Angeles-based septet have come a long way since their inception in 1997, and the ‘Whiskey On A Sunday‘ DVD documentary chronicles this journey in fine style.

It soon becomes clear that Dave’s aforementioned boast is born not from arrogance, but from a genuine belief in his bandmates and the musical chemistry that exists between them. A native of Dublin, he tells the story of his poverty-stricken childhood before explaining the various circumstances that ended up with his arrival in LA and the subsequent formation of Flogging Molly (and yes, the band’s name is explained too!). Each of the members is interviewed in a similar fashion; giving an insight into their backgrounds, characters and the details on how they originally came to join the band.

Despite the absence of any ‘Behind The Music’ style scandal, it’s a genuinely captivating film: giving the impression of an honest, hard-working band that have overcome music industry apathy and countless other obstacles to attain a rabid fanbase – several of whom are also interviewed. Naturally, the documentary is peppered with plenty of live and ‘on the road’ footage, including a clutch of songs from a triumphant, sold-out homecoming show at LA’s Wiltern Theatre. If you’ve yet to see Flogging Molly live, then this is proof enough that you’re missing out.

The tracks on the CD consist mainly of live and acoustic versions of some Flogging Molly favourites; the former convey the spirit of the band’s live shows surprisingly well, whilst the stripped-down approach gives the chosen songs a more tender, folk-oriented edge.
There’s also a previously unavailable studio recording of ‘Laura’ on offer.

Live DVDs with a clutch of (largely pointless) ‘extras’ are ten a penny these days, so it’s great to discover that Flogging Molly have put as much effort into ‘Whiskey On A Sunday’ as you’d expect from a band with their passion and work ethic. Whether you’re a newcomer, or a seasoned fan, this DVD is well worth a look.

Alex Gosman