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Definitive Jux Records DVD

Little Movies, Big Noises

Definitive Jux have long since been the blueprint for up and coming indy hip hop labels after their unbridled success in the last 5 years or so, bringing forward artists such as Aesop Rock, RJD2, Mr Lif and Murs. As well as being innovative musically over this period of time, they have always prided themselves on pushing the envelope visually as well, as shown in their wide range of videos.

This DVD collects the best of these videos and puts them all onto one disc, allowing you to view the no boundaries approach they take. From El-P’s orange gun toting “Deep Space 9MM” through Mr Lif’s hatred of the 9-5 workplace in “Live From The Plantation“, RJD2’s Darkman-esque “The Horror” and Murs’ orgy filled “Risky Business” all the way to the MTV nominated animated “Fast Cars” from Aesop Rock, you’ll see why Def Jux is one of the major players in sound and sight in the underground.

As if this collection wasn’t enough however, a second disc comes with the package and this is what makes it stand head and shoulders above the rest of the DVDs on the stands. The second disc contains multi-track sessions of 4 songs [El-P, Mr Lif, RJD2 and Cage] which, using the Umixit technology on the disc, allows you to remix, re-record and manipulate each of the 4 tracks. So if you want more bass in the place, if you want a crunching guitar over the beat or even if you want to show the world why you’re the best bedroom rapper out there, you can do it all on this disc.

It’s innovative, its great to watch and listen to, but above anything else, its fun. Cop this DVD quicktime!

Sam Hesketh