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Coldcut – Sound Mirrors DVD

(Ninja Tune)

Coldcut have always produced innovative music, splicing genres from all parts of the tuneful spectrum, and with this DVD release, they do all that and more. This DVD, which stands alongside their Sound Mirrors album features not only a DVD, but a remix CD.

So, let’s bump the CD quickly – DJ Kentaro hauls arse with his energetic drum n bass remix of ETUC, Spank Rock come in with a typically bassy and ballsy remix of True Skool, The Qemists give their own particular fuzzy and fast paced version of Everything Is Under Control and even UK rapper Sway puts his slant on True Skool. With that sort of calibre on the remix tip, you know it’s worth checking out.

Right then, onto the DVD. Every song on the album has got its visual counterpart, and every single video can stand out on its own as a terrific piece of art. But what makes this DVD such a valuable one is that every video really does fit the feel of the song its portraying and when watched in full, you are taken all over the place senses-wise.

From the charismatic appearance of Roots Manuva on the cover-art styled video of True Skool to the animation which bounces along to the thump of the bass in Just For The Kick to the mosaic backdrop of A Whistle And A Prayer, the individual styles all give the tracks another dimension.

Everything Is Under Control‘s video, which moves on a “Big Brother” style theme, runs close to the wire, showing masked riot police beating innocent people. The main character in the video is running away, trying to figure out what is going on whilst the constant flashing of the message that everything is under control tries to force its way into his consciousness.

The best video of the collection is the masterful Sound Mirrors. It begins in a similar vein to Massive Attack’s Teardrop, with its slow burning, gloomy atmospherics. Then the mesmeric turning of the light grabs your attention and slowly but surely, jelly fish evolve and are lit up against the bleak backdrop. Eventually they work their way up to the surface and onto a giant dish, which then transmits their light up to the sky.

If you’re a fan of Coldcut, then this is a must-buy as it shows just how malleable their music can be. But even if you’re not in love with the music, the videos are enough to warrant a purchase, each holding its own tiny piece of glory amongst the others.