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We Are The Ocean

We Are The Ocean
These Days I Have Nothing

Having become fully fledged road warriors over the past couple of years, supporting massive bands and building up a following in their own right, WATO finally released their debut album ‘Cutting Our Teeth’ this week and a video has been unveiled for this single track to coincide.

The band have clearly been honing their craft and the mix of brutality and melody is perfected in a fashion that takes them beyond their scream-sing-scream-sing peers. WATO have tunes and ‘These Days I Have Nothing’ is testament to that with a spookily catchy vocal melody that’s coupled with the grittier juxtaposed vocal that demonstrates a guttural depth and adds to the carefully considered layers in this song.

Pulsating drums and guitars, noodling riffs, breaking down, growling, shouting and hearty melodic vocals make for a meaty offering that shows what this band have achieved thus far and promises a lot more in the future.