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TV Smith

TV Smith
Live at The NVA Ludwigsfelde, Germany
(Boss Tuneage)

OK, on paper, to the uninitiated listener, the idea a 30 track (1 hours and 40 minutes long!) double disc Live Recording by the Fifty-something former singer of one hit wonder ’77 punks The Adverts, playing solo to a crowd in Germany… just him and his battered six string… might not instantaneously sound like it’s going to do set your world on fire…

But, seriously, leave your prejudices and preconceptions at the door, open your ears, and you’ll be treated to a splendid collection of raw, momentous heartfelt and passionate music, loaded with a hefty shot of bang-on social and political messages. I’ve seen TV Smith on many an occasion, enjoyed his latter day studio recordings… but this live material is in a league of its own, as the road worn troubadour belts out old and new hits to a greatly appreciative audience who hang on to every chord and up the ante with raucous sing-a-longs, especially for timeless classics like “No Time to Be 21” “Bored Teenagers” and the legendary “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes”.

And get this, TV might be a Great British Punk from the West Country, but he’s also fluent in German and seamlessly converses with the home crowd in their native tongue, and even throws in a couple of numbers sung in German from his back catalogue. How’s that for breaking down barriers!

This album way (way) exceeded my expectations and is a total keeper.

The good times are back!

Pete Craven