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Trash Talk

Trash Talk
Eyes and Nines

With the release of their new album, Eyes and Nines, Trash Talk find themselves in the unusual position of being a hardcore band attracting mainstream plaudits. It’s not exactly a new phenomenon, yet it’s nonetheless bizarre to see a band gain so much critical acclaim, while the rest of the genre goes virtually unnoticed. Still, Trash Talk doesn’t seem to be paying too much attention to the hype, as they stomp from venue to venue leaving a trail of controversy in their wake.

Of course, it’s the band’s live show that is responsible for their growing reputation, yet Eyes and Nines is an uncompromising record that stands proudly on its own two feet. While fans of the band might comment on increasingly sharper production since their early recordings, if broadsheet readers are hoping to find something vaguely accessible then they should think again. What can be found here is an aggressive collection of songs that rarely exceed a minute and a half, flipping between breakneck speed and slow, brutal riffs.

Trash Talk are arguably at their best when in the crossover between these two styles. Album highlights Flesh and Blood and Explode are good examples of this, both racing out of the traps in a frenzy of guitars before breaking down into steady beats with fist-pumping sing-a-long vocals. Completing a trio of consecutive songs, Hash Wednesday shows off the band’s variety, with brooding doom guitars that recall the likes of Harvey Milk.

While this might not be the gateway record or gentle introduction to hardcore some might have hoped for, what Trash Talk have produced is their best and most furious record to date. Inevitably coming to a town near you soon, Eyes and Nines will always be best experienced live with the band in their natural environment. Check out the band’s new video below to get a sample of what that might look like.

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