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These New Puritans

These New Puritans
We Want War

If you’re fan of angular dance punk and are eagerly awaiting the new album from These New Puritans, prepare to have your horizons expanded somewhat.

If, however, the idea of a formerly quite sketchy band producing a colossal prog pop record, incorporating brass, choral vocals and dubstep wobble appeals to you, then the latest album from the Southend-on-Sea quartet might be just up your street.Lead single We Want War will tell you everything you need to know about Hidden, the album which is set for release on 18th January.

It’s a huge seven minute epic that evolves from guttural synths and tribal drumming into a fully fledged electronic beast that appears capable of swallowing us all. The song, and indeed the album, is a massively ambitious step into the dark for These New Purtians, who might have easily followed up their debut with something rushed, yet this blows 2008’s Beat Pyramid out of the water.

Check out the suitably epic video below, which features people flying around blank space in ultra slow motion before disintegrating into some water. Yeah, it’s that kind of song.

Sleekly Lion.