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Not too long after the overwhelming success of the Dangermouse produced Demon Days in 2005, Gorillaz, the virtual band many of us have become slightly attached to, went into hiding, probably somewhere amongst Jamie Hewlett’s many discarded sketchbooks. Now, Damon Albarn’s animusical creative outlet is back with a whole host of new collaborators to moisten your bloomers over with Plastic Beach due in March. This time however, the focus is turned away from the two-dimensional characters with multi-dimensional personalities and gives room for the music to speak louder than ever before.

And why not? That incredible Demon Days Live show in Manchester let Damon play the role of the ill-lit composer, letting the light shine on the various musicians who make Gorillaz productions so special. Plastic Beach is set to follow in a similar fashion, and download only single Stylo is our first glimpse at what it’ll sound like.

Stylo is deliciously dark, full of punchy electronic beats and floating synth lines, with Bobby Womack providing a soulful narration while your ears take you on a low-flying trip across a makeshift discoteque in the slums. Mos Def fits the bill perfectly as the new rapping poltergeist to enrich the album and I’m already excited for Sweepstakes, a track described by the man himself as one of his greatest works. Despite my natural reaction to anything Damon Albarn puts out is admittedly me getting an instant boner, this is undoubtedly going to be a big release for the new decade.