Album Reviews


Walking the Dog / Be Calm
(Friends vs. Records)

Much like their band name itself, fun. make pop music which is brilliantly bright and uncomplicated. Having spawned from the ashes of The Format this sugary sheen should come as no great surprise, yet fun. are a unique proposition.

This AA side single displays the range the band is a capable of. Opener, Walking the Dog, is the more upbeat and radio friendly of the two; combining strutting guitars with a chorus that will bounce around your head for days. In the best possible way, I hasten to add.

On the flipside, Be Calm, is more quirky in tone, complete with brass and strings to create a sprawling chamber pop gem. This seems to be where the band really excels, as the band manages to show great song writing ambition without sounding overblown. Well, perhaps a little overblown, but all the best pop bands are.

fun. release their debut album, Aim and Ignite, in the UK on May 31st.