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A Crime of Love

Comanechi have been on the gigging circuit for a while but with singer Akiko Matsuura’s numerous other bands (Pre and more recently and famously, The Big Pink) taking the lime light, only now have they managed to throw together an album.

A Crime Of Love, put bluntly, is half an hour of utter filth. Drum kit smashed to pieces by a yelping and purring nymphomaniac, greased up with Simon Petrovitch’s distorted and syrupy guitar lines. Think Bikini Kill meets Melvins-style sludge… think Melt Banana meets Nirvana. Hell, don’t think at all, just turn it up loud and prepare to be bruised.

Sexed up to the max, dripping with scrappy and erratic sleaze, screeching and unpleasant yet somehow delicious in an under-the-counter kinda way, A Crime of Love is a carnal delight. Just don’t tell your mother, she’d be appalled.

Trotty P.