Album Reviews


Black Sands
(Ninja Tune)

Bonobo is back with his fourth album and it promises to be a banger. Having hear a six track sampler of the album, it is obvious that Simon Green wants to float the listener away whilst they’ve got Black Sands on, with strings supplying the melody and hand claps adding more percussion to the already vibrant drums.

Whilst Black Sands might not be many people’s album of the year, his abilities to make beats are never to be sniffed at. The layers that his music always provides are here once more, in scores. Whether that’s using guitar licks and flutes as he does in Kong or the glockenspiels showcased in The Keeper, he always has that hook that grabs you and has you singing it subconsciously hours later.

Below is the brilliant video for The Keeper, featuring the vocal talents of Andreya Triana. If this doesn’t leave you wanting more, nothing will. The album is out on March 29th and will be the latest record in a long line of great releases from both the Ninja Tune label, and the man himself. Get on it.