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Whinging Emo Cunts!

Is this real or is someone having a giraffe?

Emo [short for Emotional, in case you didn’t know!] kids are the subject of a news piece, which is looking at the scene points you get from having cuts on your arms, hair over your eyes and all that bollocks.

One girl sees it as people “expressing their pain through their actions“, but Crossfire HQ reckons emo pains the ears of everyone listening to it.

The poor old sheriff wants us all remember that there’s a difference between looking emo and being emo. Remember kids, the more depressed you look, the more points you get. So get out those black clothes, get scribbling shit poetry and whatever you do, look miserable!

What’s the point of cutting your arm a little bit? Just go the whole hog and chop your arm off!

Click the image to have a laugh at the stupid buggers.