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Ween are back with Europop!

Ween are back with a brand new 5 track CD called ‘The Friends EP‘ and it’s nothing short of hilarious!

Dean and Gene Ween have added EuroPop to their multi-genre record releases and hooked up with Reinhard Raith, the man behind the Crazy Frog song! Yeah! Think about it?! The result is a cheese fest the size of a German sausage festival with 4 other tracks in tow for your aural pleasure that cover squelchy dub, latino and a love song. The EP is available as a limited edition picture disc 180 gram LP and as a digi pack CD with a special full colour yellow CD inside and is out now.

This EP fuels the release of the new Ween full length album “La Cucaracha“. Here is Dean Ween’s take on it: “The album kicks ass, I’m not really sure what else to say about it other than I really can’t wait for it’s release. There’s not a wasted minute of music on there. We wrote and recorded a ton of material before we whittled it down to it’s present state. We recorded the album to two inch 24 track tape and it sounds amazing. As always, it was produced and mixed by Andrew Weiss.”

Expect this record to bug you. Out soon on Schnitzel Records.