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Walter Schreifels debut solo album announced

Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today… Mr. Schreifels has been involved in some of the most exciting bands of the past 20 years but now he’s going it alone. Big Scary Monsters Records have announced they will be releasing Walter Schreifels’ debut solo album in the UK this April. The album will be called ‘An Open Letter To The Scene‘ and includes covers of classic tracks – CIV’s ‘Don’t Gotta Prove It‘ and ‘Society Sucker‘ by Agnostic Front.

The opening track of the album, ‘Arthur Lee’s Lullaby‘, is available as part of the label’s 52-part 2010 Collection subscription series where you can sign up for a minimal fee and receive musical goodies every single week of the year. That’ll keep you going through the winter months. Check out the concept here.

Check out the video for the first single here –

Now where’s that new Rival Schools record? We’ve only been waiting almost a decade…