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Thursday ready rarities album

Thursday have revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming rarities compilation.

Kill The House Lights – Live And Unreleased is due out on October 30th and will feature live tracks, b-sides from Full Collapse and War All The Time and a few new songs. A DVD will also come with the record featuring a 90 minute film and full concert. The tracks on the record are:

1. Ladies and Gentlemen: My Brother, the Failure.
2. Dead Songs
3. Voices on a String
4. Signals Over the Air (Live at Starland Ballroom)
5. The Roar of Far Off Black Jets (Full Collapse b-Side)
6. How Long Is the Night (Original Intro)
7. A Sketch for Time’s Arrow
8. Panic On the Streets of Health Care City (War All the Time B-side)
9. Paris in Flames (Demo)
10. Steps Ascending (Live from the Grove)
11. Wind-Up (Demo)
12. Music from ‘Kill the House Lights’