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Phil Spector’s case twists again!

Phil Spector, who is accused of shooting and killing actress Lana Clarkson at his LA mansion in 2003, is in more hot water according to reports.

It is alleged that he said “all women deserve to die” to American talk show host Joan Rivers’ at a Christmas party in 1995. Ex-policeman Vincent Tannazzo reportedly heard Spector say: “They (women) all deserve to die. They all deserve a bullet in their fucking head…That’s why I got permits for all over. Wherever I go, I always keep a gun because they’re all no fucking good.”

The problems keep piling up for Spector in this case, as an ex-girlfriend of his has claimed he put a gun to her head in the 1970’s and said “Just so you know, I’ll blow your head off”, The Daily Mirror reports. Prosecutors are arguing that these incidents showed the death of Ms Clarkson fitted “a recurring, common plan used to intimidate women into staying with him”.

Spector has pleaded not guilty and is currently free on a $1,000,000 bail.