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RIP – DJ Przm

Columbus hip hopper DJ Przm has sadly passed away.

The DJ/Producer, who started a hip hop night in Columbus, giving time to MHz [RJD2, Jakki, Camu Tao and Copywrite],Weightless [Blueprint, Greenhouse Effect and Illogic] to Stronghold, PHife Dog, Thirsten Howell and more, passed away on Sunday June 10th.

Blueprint said of the DJ:

“He was an amazing DJ and was the first DJ I ever took on the road with me in 2002 when i started touring. He, Illogic, and I had so many good times that it’s hard to know where to begin, but in terms of rocking shows, since Przm was a DJ, Emcee, producer, and beatboxer of the highest level – he was able to make any show live and able to make the best out of any bad situation.”

Even if you’re not familiar with DJ Przm, he achieved a lot for his local scene and beyond. He will be missed. RIP.