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Qwel returns with a new album

Qwel is returning with a new album.

The New Wine will be produced by Kip Killagain and will be the third record in a series that began with the Maker produced The Harvest and Meaty Ogre’s beats on Freezerburner. The album comes with this foreboding spiel:

The New Wine is an expose of contrasts. The third horseman in Revelation is called forth – the black horse. His rider wields a balance proclaiming loudly ‘A week’s wage for a loaf of bread, a week’s wage for a serving of grains, but don’t harm the wine or oil’. Half the world slaves away to starve while the other wages war for its thirst for oil and wine. Man’s wine has gone spoiled.”

You can check out an mp3 mix of the record by clicking here.