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Plug Awards 2006

Another year gone and another set of awards arrive. However, unlike the Grammys, which seem to champion whichever major label artist has had the most money pumped into them, the Plug Awards are all about the independent community.

The Plug Cartel want the music to be recognised, not the amount of sales, and the awards cover a wide range of categories, from the usual Artist/Album/Label Of The Year to Zine Of The Year and Internet Radio Station Of The Year.

This is a great chance to vote for the artists and bands that you never see on much hyped award shows, so make sure you get along to Plug’s site and vote for your favourites! You can leave some categories out if you’re not sure and all they ask of you is to vote in at least 5 categories.

Voting closes on January 30th, so get in before the deadline and make your opinion count!

Plug Awards