OFF! release ‘Void You Out’ video

In a straight up homage to the classic punk documentary Decline of Western Civilization OFF! have unleashed a masterpiece from the Casbah club in San Diego for their official video for ‘Void You Out‘.

Directed by Jason Farrell, famous for his amazing skateboard skills and Bluetip (Dischord) fame, Keith Morris pays homage to the Germs and tries to fry an egg, Mario Rubalcaba skates a curb, Steven McDonald relives that classic punk/hippies moment and Dimitri Coats goes all WASP in the swimming pool in LA taken from the 2nd documentary that was rock based. Only those who have seen these classic films will get this proper, but the best part of it for those who don’t is that those films will change your life. Go find them.

OFF!’s new album is coming in April and we cannot wait. Check this.