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ODB in legal wrangles…Again!

Problems are continuing to arise over the finances of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Two women with children by the rapper appeared in a Brooklyn Court to complain about the handling of ODB’s estate. Suzy Wong and Cheryl McCall both have 11 year old sons, fathered by ODB according to reports, and they say that his widow and estate administrator, Icelene Jones, has blown over $225,000 since he died in 2004. Wong said:

“We wanted to make objections to Icelene being the administrator, and her accounting. She’s playing the sorry and sad widow, but the truth is they hadn’t had a marital relationship for 12 years.”

The problems don’t stop their either as the posthumous album A Son Unique is having to be delayed from release due to a dispute with Damon Dash, who owns the rights to the album.

Wu Tang saw it coming then – Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Dollar Dollar bill’s y’all.