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Norma Jean work on new record

Norma Jean have entered the studio with producer Ross Robinson.

The band are working on their fourth album The Anti-Mother, which is set for a summer 2008 release and will feature collaborations with Page Hamilton and Chino Moreno. Speaking on the collaborations, the band said:

“We were able to work with Page and Chino on two separate occasions, and as two of our biggest influences musically, it was definitely a moment having them here in the studio. Page came to our practice space and for the first hour he was just showing us cool guitar chords, teaching us new things technically. The song we wrote with him is heavy as crap and full of energy – you’ll notice his influence. Many bands have guest vocalists on their records, but we were inspired by the idea of collaborative songwriting with some of our favorite musicians. In a collaboration, no one is beyond reproach, and there is always something we can learn and someone to learn it from.”