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New Devo album ‘Something for Everybody’ rules!

There’s good news for Devo fans this morning as the new album titled ‘Something for Everybody‘ landed in our office and has been on repeat since. The classic 80s 4-piece have delivered another timeless pop record which once again will have you dancing and singing from first track Fresh. Other highlights on the album are Please Baby Please, Don’t Shoot, Mind Games, Human Rocket, Step Up, in fact there are many highlights on this 16 track return for the band that will always be in our top 10 of all time, so expect good times when it’s released on June 14th in the UK and June 15th in the US.

We will hopefully be meeting them for an interview in London when they visit in June, fingers crossed it all works out so we can bring you an inside scoop on ‘Something for Everybody’.