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Moones launch first interactive drunk music video

June 27th, 2013 by Zac

We all know that YouTube’s annotations are generally a pain in the arse, but UK band Moones decided to use it to their own alcoholic advantage in their new promo video for new song ‘Better Energy’. They have built in buttons that allow the viewer to choose how drunk they play. You watch them play in usual pre-pub time, and then have 3 other options until they are hammered.

London band Moones are made up of three members. Lags Barnard who you may know from his work in Gallows on guitar, Tariq Khan, whose sister is Bat For Lashes and Ollie Kristian, ex-member of The Leisure Society. the trio have definitely found a great way to entertain their audience.

Go through the motions with them here and hope that in phase 2 that there’s a sick button.


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