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Minor Threat get saucy!

A Minor Threat Sauce is now available to spice up your dinner.

Wheelhouse Pickles, who make the sauce, said:

“Like the Loch Ness Monster or gravity, the existence of a gentle-finishing habanero pepper sauce has scientists baffled. Made from a rare, mild breed of habaneros grown specifically for us, Minor Threat draws its inspiration from the legendary West Indies’ mustard- and mango-based habanero sauces, only it mysteriously priviledges the pepper’s fruitiness over its notoriously overwhelming heat.

We may never fully understand Minor Threat’s ability to take sandwiches, grilled meats, corn chips or eggs to the next level without annihilating your esophagous in the process, but don’t let science’s shortcomings get in the way of your slathering habits.”

The only request MacKaye had of the spread was for the packaging not parody the band’s famous “Bottled Violence” image.