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Life Changing Encounters With Music

When the names of Jonny Greenwood, Michael Gira, Simon Reynolds, Genesis P-Orridge and Lydia Lunch align, you know something good is going on.

These five luminaries are amongst many contributors to a new book titled Epiphanies: Life Changing Encounters With Music – a collection of essays from The Wire magazine’s Epiphanies column dating back to 1998. The book is said to include over 50 of the past 17 years’ most evocative essays, and according to The Wire’s website, “subjects covered range from Sun Ra to Kate Bush; Fugazi to Ligeti; South Africa‚Äôs World Cup vuvuzelas to Hungarian prog rock; noisy street protests to the deathly silence inside an anechoic chamber.

The book is due via Strange Attractor Press from April 30th. Pre-order here.