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Levellers talk about new single

The Levellers have spoken out about their new single.

Burn America Burn is out on June 2nd as a free download and the band have said:

“We have written a consciously political record, not as a manifesto which is how people used to take our lyrics but as a reaction to apathy – something we’re all guilty of. The songs on the album are observations on topics including war, the media, government, betrayal, life choices and broken dreams. Burn America Burn is about that country imploding from within, using the Virginia Tech massacre as an example. The song is from the gunman’s point of view.”

They will be playing it at the following dates:

24.05.08 – Perth Festival
26.06.08 – Glastonbury Festival The Left Field Stage
04.07.08 – Guilfest
12.07.08 – Arley Hall Northwich
17.07.08 – Larmer Tree Festival
01.08.08 – Cambridge Folk Festival
03.08.08 – Stokes Bay Festival
08.08.08 – Cropredy Festival
09.08.08 – Harewood House Yorkshire
15.08.08 – Beautiful Days Festival
22.08.08 – Arundel Castle
30.08.08 – Connect Festival
12.09.08 – Bowood House
17.10.08 – Musicport Festival