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Kanye West is a prick

The title says it all really.

The rapper, who recently did a decent thing and spoke out against homophobia in rap music has ruined everything by making sure everyone knows HE ISN’T GAY. OK. UNDERSTOOD. HOW DARE YOU THINK HE’S GAY. Just so you’re clear, he went on to say:

“And I’m still homophobic myself to certain extent… You know, I wouldn’t go to a gay parade and feel comfortable. I wouldn’t ever to a gay club or something and just be chillin’ and grab a drink…It’s being in the entertainment world, I meet so many different gay people who are actually nice people.”

They’re nice? Wow, and here’s everyone thinking all gay people are rapists and murderers. Who’d have thought?

Kanye, you’re a dope. Shut up, stop making music and hide under a rock please. Thanks.