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Hip Hop promotes safe sex

UK hip hop is to get a safe sex message out to younger people thanks to Want Respect and Jump Off.

Jump Off, the hugely popular hip hop night and battle forum have got Respek BA and Reain aka Wha’s His Face to freestyle small clips promoting safe sex. Both MCs are aiming to show how important it is to use protection and the videos will be played on Jump Off’s website.

Ara from Jump Off said:

“MCs and artists in general are here to deliver messages; they’re like urban reporters for the youth! A lot of sexual hip hop lyrics are raw and while all the big superstar rappers probably strap up, it doesn’t always make it into their rap lyrics. You can be sure most teenagers are reciting rap lyrics at ‘that moment’ and since there is no mention of condoms, it doesn’t enter their thought process.”

To check out the clips, head on over to: