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I, Axl: An American Dream

July 22nd, 2008 by Crossfire

Axl Rose, known to most of us as the reclusive and outrageously attired frontman of the hard rock band, Guns ‘n’ Roses. But how many of you out there can claim to know the definitive truth about the man behind the name behind the band behind the corn rows?

Well, Ben Myers – known to us as a writer and a poet, who draws inspiration from spam emails and unapologetic brutality to name but a few – can claim to know the truth behind the man behind the et cetera et cetera. And he is kindly sharing it with us via the medium of poetry on his online blog, www.iaxl.blogspot.com

Get caught up and get yourself occupied with these great updates that are coming in at a rising pace, and of course, discover the truth.


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