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Hardcore Holocaust Mixtape


French has paidhomage to his love of noise in the form of a Monday Mixtape for LoDown Magazine this week. From Bolt Thrower to Venom, stream these 40 minutes of carnage below.

Track List
Bolt Thrower – ‘No Guts, No Glory’
Bulldozer – ‘Mad Man’
Disgorge – ‘Compost Devourment’
Sodom – ‘Conjuration’
Nuclear Hammer – ‘Blasphemous Command’
Doom – ‘Police Bastard’
Exhumed – ‘Open The Abscess’
Sanctum – ‘Scepter Of Pestilence’
Nihilist – ‘Morbid Devourment’
Sadistic Execution – ‘Mathematikus’
Inhume – ‘Sodomizing Encounter’
Waco Jesus – ‘A Butt Plug In Your Pussy My Fist Up Your Ass’
Tank – ‘Blood, Guts & Beer’
Venom – ‘Countess Bathory’